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Reisebericht: Adventure Tours

Trekking Tours

erstellt um 14:31 Uhr am 03.11.2010

The Greater Caucasus is the most spectacular mountain range in Europe. The twin-peaks of MT Ushba can compare with any in the Himalayas. Walking in the presence of grand snowy peaks is truly invigorating - the more so due to its originality. Georgian tourist companies offer a large selection of walking tours - lasting from one day to three weeks - and always through stunning scenery.

Day 1:
Tbilisi - Gudauri. Trekking to Khijina.
Overnight at the hotel

Day 2:
Gudauri - Stephantsminda. Trekking to Holy Trinity Church.
Departure to Juta - Camping

Day 3:
Trekking to Shanidze pick. Camping

Day 4:
Camping - Pass - Abudelauri Lakes - Roshka Mountain
Overnight in local guest house

Day 5:
From Roshka to Shatili
Overnight in Shatili in the castle

Day 6:
Shatili - Mutso - Ardoti.

Day 7:
Ardoti - Khakhabo - Davit Gareji Pass.
Return to Tbilisi
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Adventure Tours
The 4x4 vehicle opens up the full beauty and drama of Georgia - like no other vehicle. The relatively small mileage between completely contrasting landscapes -deserts, sea coast, subtropics, tea plantations, high mountains - provides a vast selection of adventure and open window discovery.
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