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Reisebericht: Adventure Tours

Beschreibung:The 4x4 vehicle opens up the full beauty and drama of Georgia - like no other vehicle. The relatively small mileage between completely contrasting landscapes -deserts, sea coast, subtropics, tea plantations, high mountains - provides a vast selection of adventure and open window discovery.

Adventure Tours

Day-1: Meeting at the airport, transfer and check-into the hotel

Day-2: Departure from Tbilisi to Shatili by car, picnic at the pass Datvis-Jvari (2676m.), Shatili tower village, walking - dinner (traditional food and beverage) Overnight at the guest house

Day-3: Breakfast - visit Muzo-Ardoti, Shatili, Qachu, archaeological monument of Samzevan Dinner (traditional dish and beverage) Overnight

Day-4: Breakfast - departure from Shatili to Tbilisi Visit archaeological complex, picnic at the Datvis Jvari pass Return to Tbilisi.

Day-5: Breakfast & departure from Tbilisi to Kakheti Tsinandali house-museum - Ikalto Academy - wine factory “Badagoni” - Alaverdi Monastery Overnight at the guest house in Alvani

Day-6: Departure from Alvani to Tusheti by car Lunch (at Sviana), tasting tushetian traditional food and beverage in the village Omalo, visiting Keselo ...

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National Parks

"Not a single country in Europe possesses such rich flora and fauna as Georgia. No European country offers such diverse relief in such a small area. Nowhere in Europe is landscape preserved in such an original state as Georgia."

Georgia, with a territory of only 69,000 square kilometers, is unique among the world's nations in bio-diversity. To find subtropical marshes, semi-deserts, lofty alpine zones and snowy peaks - all within a hundred kilometers of each other - is rare. Add to this the fact that nearly 40% of Georgia's territory is still covered in forest - a large proportion of which is untouched by humans - and one understands the establishment of its 31 Protected Areas, identified for conservation. Within these are five National Parks - with the aim to preserve their unique, pristine nature, yet open for visitors to enjoy their beauty.

Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park

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Horse-riding Tours

Whether following the bridal paths of shady green forests, traversing lofty mountain passes, or trotting across alpine meadows - the horse is perfectly suited for Caucasian exploration. For thousands of years it has carried people to places beyond the limits of today’s sturdiest 4x4s. Its ecological status is impeccable and is still the main mode of transport in the higher mountain villages.

Two days horse-riding tours in Georgian Mountains

1) Tour to Gudauri Volcanic Plato and Kheli Lake
a. Tour duration - 2 days
b. Overnight in tents
2) Tour in Kob village and Truso Mountain
a. Tour duration - 2 days
b. Overnight in tents
3) Tour route: Gudauri - Mleta - Lomisa - Arakhveti - Khada - Gudauri
a. Tour duration - 2 days
b. Overnight in Guest house
4) Tour route: Lomisa - Ksnis Valley - Keli Lake - Mleta
a. Tour duration - 2 days
b. ...

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Mountain Tours

Tour to Khevsureti (North-East of Georgia)

Khevsureti is a historic province in East Georgia, located along both the northern and southern slopes of the Great Caucasus Mountains. The name means “land of gorges” in Georgian. Khevsureti is well known for its fortified villages. Locals would build their houses very close to each other so that together houses would make one single fortification. Everything was thoroughly taken into consideration for protecting themselves and repelling the enemy. Even entrance doors to houses are very low - inconvenient, of course, but it made difficult for an armed enemy to enter. Best examples of fortified villages are Shatili, Mutso and Ardoti

Day 1:
Breakfast and departure from Tbilisi (9.00am) to Shatili (170km) Picnic in Datvi-Jvari pass. (2676m) lodging at the guest house in Shatili Walking around the country
Supper (tasting Khevsuretian food and beverage, “Khinkhali”)

Day 2: ...

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Rafting Tours

Georgia’s many wild mountain rivers, racing down from the 5000 meters peaks offer an abundance of white water opportunities

Day 1: Meeting at the airport, transfer and check into the hotel

Day 2: Breakfast - Metekhi Church - Holy Trinity Church - Art Museum - Anchiskhati - Chardin Street - Dinner - Sulphur Baths - Mosque - Narikala Fortress Return to the hotel, entertainment at folk theater Nabadi.

Day 3: Breakfast and departure Rafting on Pshavis Aragvi River Starting place - Kopala Bridge (Between Magaroskari and Chargali villages) Destination - village Tvalivi (Duration 2 hours) Short tour in Chargali (Museum of Vaja Pshavela, Georgian famous poet) Picnic and return to Tbilisi

Day 4: Breakfast and excursion to Mtsketa Jvari and Svetitskhoveli Monasteries Rafting on Aragvi River in Mtiuleti Starting place - Pasanauri Destination - Ananuri Picnic in the nature (By Ananuri ...

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Trekking Tours

The Greater Caucasus is the most spectacular mountain range in Europe. The twin-peaks of MT Ushba can compare with any in the Himalayas. Walking in the presence of grand snowy peaks is truly invigorating - the more so due to its originality. Georgian tourist companies offer a large selection of walking tours - lasting from one day to three weeks - and always through stunning scenery.

Day 1:
Tbilisi - Gudauri. Trekking to Khijina.
Overnight at the hotel

Day 2:
Gudauri - Stephantsminda. Trekking to Holy Trinity Church.
Departure to Juta - Camping

Day 3:
Trekking to Shanidze pick. Camping

Day 4:
Camping - Pass - Abudelauri Lakes - Roshka Mountain
Overnight in local guest house

Day 5:
From Roshka to Shatili
Overnight in Shatili in the castle


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