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Reisebericht: Adventure Tours

Mountain Tours

erstellt um 14:29 Uhr am 03.11.2010

Tour to Khevsureti (North-East of Georgia)

Khevsureti is a historic province in East Georgia, located along both the northern and southern slopes of the Great Caucasus Mountains. The name means “land of gorges” in Georgian. Khevsureti is well known for its fortified villages. Locals would build their houses very close to each other so that together houses would make one single fortification. Everything was thoroughly taken into consideration for protecting themselves and repelling the enemy. Even entrance doors to houses are very low - inconvenient, of course, but it made difficult for an armed enemy to enter. Best examples of fortified villages are Shatili, Mutso and Ardoti

Day 1:
Breakfast and departure from Tbilisi (9.00am) to Shatili (170km) Picnic in Datvi-Jvari pass. (2676m) lodging at the guest house in Shatili Walking around the country
Supper (tasting Khevsuretian food and beverage, “Khinkhali”)

Day 2: Breakfast, visit Muzo-Ardoti (17km) dinner, visit Qachu Archeological monument, picnic by Datvi-Jvari pass Return to Tbilisi

Tour to Tusheti (North-East of Georgia)

Tushet i is one of the most beautiful and remote mountain regions of Georgia, with its amazing alpine meadows, snowy mountains, glaciers and a variety of forests. It is one of the most ecologically unspoiled regions in the Caucasus. The area comprises ten villages with Omalo being the largest.

Day 1: Breakfast and departure from Tbilisi to Alvani by cars or by bus. Departure from Alvani to Tusheti by car
Lunch (at Sviana) tasting Tushetian traditional food and beverage in the village Omalo. Visit to Keselo ethnographical museum.
Visit Darthlo village and participate in cooking Tushetian cuisines

Day 2: Breakfast and Horse-back riding tour (Darthlo-Shenako-Omalo)
Lunch (in Omalo) Departure from Tusheti to Alvani by car
Dinner and departure from Alvani to Tbilisi

Tour to Svaneti (North-West of Georgia)

Svaneti is a region of the highest mountains located in the northwestern part of the country. Surrounded by 3,000-5,000 metre peaks, Upper Svaneti is also the highest permanently inhabited area in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Indigenous Svan people created authentic culture unlike any other in the world. With its breath-taking landscapes, architectural treasures, meadiaeval watchtowers (9th-12th centuries) and ancient traditionas the region is legendary among travellers

Day 1: Tbilisi-Kutaisi, Visit Gelati & Motsameta Monastery Overnight in the hotel

Day 2: Departure from Kutaisi to Mazeri. Visit Ushba Mountain and Mountain Waterfall Overnight in Mazeri

Day 3: En excursion to Ushguli, visit Shkhara Mountain Return to Ushguli

Day 4: En excursion to Lentekhi Return to Tbilisi
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Adventure Tours
The 4x4 vehicle opens up the full beauty and drama of Georgia - like no other vehicle. The relatively small mileage between completely contrasting landscapes -deserts, sea coast, subtropics, tea plantations, high mountains - provides a vast selection of adventure and open window discovery.
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